Storytelling With Purpose Intent And Why

Storytelling With Purpose Intent And Why

Storytelling started when life on earth began, and in this podcast, we discuss how to tell a story that engages and the importance of sharing. From Romeo and Juliet to Lady Di, to the person next door there is something to learn about the art of storytelling.

These panel podcasts are never forty-five minutes like they should be so you may have to sit back once or twice to listen. LISTEN HERE

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"100 Most Interesting People in Parker County You Should Meet Before you Die"

"I love to see people be successful. My path to success is helping other to have success."

Robert J Dyer

April "Parker County Today" Features Robert Dyer on the list of: 100 Most Interesting People in Parker County You Should Meet Before you Die

Parker County Today: How did you get into your occupation?  

Robert J Dyer: I got into the fitness related industry in 1986. I have built numerous facilities over the years. I now have gravitated to capitalize on the technology, educational and taking products to the products to the market side of the industry.  Read more here

VertiMax Launches Certification: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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VertiMax has launched a new certification for its equipment and is establishing trainings across the United States and globally.

ACE and VERTIMAX have partnered together for a NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) accredited educational course. NCCA is the gold standard when it comes to accreditation of programs that certify professionals working in healthcare, fitness, wellness and other occupations.

"Our team of master trainers are some of the finest sports training coaches in the world.” says Robert Dyer, fitness industry advisor and principal in the investment firm Vedere Ventures. Dyer has been working with the company on its training and programming efforts along with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to create an education solution so professionals could take advantage of all of the unique advantages that VertiMax equipment provides.

The VertiMax Training Certification Course delivers the product knowledge, coaching knowledge and skills to effectively and safely utilize the VertiMax product line while training athletes and clients in universal training. To date, 140 Trainers have already received certifications within 40 trainings across the US.

The VertiMax community has been itching for educational resources and content to help them correctly use and implement the equipment into their athletes’ and general fitness clients’ workout routines,” says Jessie Ehren, International Education Coordinator, “The VertiMax V8 platforms and Raptor units have an endless usage of exercising and programming, but it is our job to help bring that potential to our customers to insure they are utilizing the equipment to the fullest capacity.”

With completion of the VertiMax Training Certification Course, pre-approved credits through the American Council of Exercise will be distributed. ACE is a universal leader in Personal Trainer Certifications, as well as Group Fitness and Health Coach Certifications.

ACE CEC’s .70

About VertiMax
Vertimax provides sports, functional and rehabilitative training solutions to fitness facilities, training centers, and high school and college athletic programs, including for use by student and professional athletes at home or on the field.

Thousands of U.S. high schools and 80% of D1 universities utilize VertiMax technologies and platforms including their portable Raptor product. Over 40% of professional US sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, among others, utilize the technology extensively.

To learn more visit or follow @Vertimax on major social networks.

About Vedere Ventures
Vedere Ventures is a boutique private equity firm launched in 2016, with investment business around the world. Led by industry leader Bryan K. O’Rourke, and his longtime partner Robert Dyer, among other fitness industry leaders, Vedere Ventures is composed of a team of Operators at heart, with the mission to work with all portfolio companies directly to add real, measurable value.

Investing in the companies of tomorrow. Built on the timeless fundamentals of today.


Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" Into Your Daily Life #8 - GRATITUDE

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Partnership Principle #9 – GRATITUDE

“We are so grateful to all of you and so many others who have helped us and supported us along the way. Therefore, GRATITUDE is our final principle.”

  • GRATITUDE is a way of looking at life.
  • GRATITUDE is a feeling that spontaneously emerges from within.
  • Go out and build meaningful relationships.
  • Be there for others.
  • Do what you love. Lead others by example.
  • Life your life to the fullest and cherish the things you appreciate the most.
  • We feel grateful for our friends, our families, our colleagues, customers and partners and all they have done for us.  

US Based Vedere Ventures Teams Up With Industry Innovator Motosumo, To Deliver A Breakthrough In Group Training Technology – Powered By The Smartphone



US based Vedere Ventures has announced a new investment with Copenhagen based Promentum Equity Partners into the Motosumo brand of fitness technologies to drive the market forward and democratize advanced fitness technology-based training tools.

The investment by Vedere Ventures is the first European investment for the US Based boutique investment firm headed by Bryan O’Rourke and his long-time business partner Robert Dyer, among others.

From niche to consumer product Motosumo has developed one of the leading gait analysis systems based on body-mounted inertial sensors using advanced sensor data analysis and modeling of motion physics. The technology has spread rapidly across verticals to universities, training camps, high-end sports outlets, physiotherapists, test centers and elite athletes.

Motosumo transformed their patent-pending technology to consumer product moving the entire concept to smartphones – the first in the fitness industry to capitalize on the increasingly accurate inertial sensors of the modern smartphone.

Motosumo has created the first network for group fitness, taking group training to a higher level and creating whole new dimensions and perspectives. The network allows the fitness industry to connect all group activities across members, instructors, classes, training concepts, and gyms all over the world without costly investment in new equipment and complex technical solutions.

“We are excited about this investment,” says Vedere Ventures founder, and Fitness Industry Technology Council president Bryan K. O’Rourke. “As we continue to seek opportunity globally in the realm of fitness technology by investing in Europe, Pan Asia, and the Americas, we recognize the tremendous value in teaming up with Motosumo, who are visionaries and scientists with a proven track record in the development of biomechanical models for sports analysis since 2012. Bringing the technology to smartphones for intelligent training is the next evolution for ease of use and enhanced user experience.”

“All members, all classes and all gyms become part of creating the strongest possible network. The technology can be used for all types of group training, and with the innovative watt solution ahead, no other company is in a position to offer a solution like it today,” points out Kresten Juel Jensen, CEO of Motosumo.

Motosumo’s first app targeted indoor cycling. The smartphone simply mounts on the indoor bicycle’s handlebars and the user is ready to ride. The app displays cadence — or pedal revolutions per minute — and kcal in real-time. Previously this required more specialized equipment. If a gym has advanced bikes or heart rate monitors, they connect to the phones too and provide the input for Motosumo's group experience.

“In addition to the cadence measurement, we now offer new more intuitive ways of visualizing data for improved understanding. Also, our interpretation of the data and explanation of general fitness terms is intended to make even advanced analysis easily understood and highly actionable,” adds Jensen.

Motosumo’s cloud-based solution automatically connects everyone in the same group, who can then compare themselves and compete with one another, and the instructor is better able to instruct with a full overview of the group’s performance in real time. All inside the app on members phones rendering big screens unnecessary or at least optional. At the same time, mutual interaction between the instructor and members is rendered possible through motivating messages such as smileys, cheers, rating of classes, instructors, concepts, etc., making for a whole new dynamic, insight-based training experience.

Every Gym, Every Class, Every Member is Motosumo’s motto and the company has big plans to expand the portfolio.

About Motosumo
Motosumo is a Danish technology company with the mission to create the world’s leading network for group training with the help of advanced motion detection algorithms. Their groundbreaking technical solution enables everyone to receive real-time measurements and connects everyone live, solely via their mobile phone.

For further information about Motosumo please contact Kresten Juel Jensen, CEO, on +45 4013 6471, at kresten(at)motosumo(dot)com or

motosumo screen.png

About Vedere Ventures
Vedere Ventures is a boutique private equity firm launched in 2016. Led by industry leader Bryan K. O’Rourke, and his longtime business partner Robert Dyer, among other fitness industry leaders, Vedere Ventures is composed of a team of Operators at heart, with the mission to work with all portfolio companies directly to add real, measurable value. Investing in the companies of tomorrow. Built on the timeless fundamentals of today.

For more information about Vedere Ventures please contact

Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #8 MAKING YOUR OWN PATH

Partnership Principle #8 – MAKING YOUR OWN PATH

  • It occurred to me that MAKING YOUR OWN PATH can actually apply to anything in life and the path you start on may not be the path you stay on.
  • Making your own path is about being different and if you’re not different, you’re the same.
  • A compelling statement here-if we had gone along the path that others pursued we would not have been successful.
  • We had team buy in, team support, team strength and a little bit of West Texas…we had swagger.
  • The work felt honest and working with a wonderful team of people felt even better.
  • Don’t be like everyone else or think you need to be like everyone else to be successful.
  • Your checkbook is not a measure of success but having meaningful relationships and impacting the world to us is.
  • Maturity…It’s about understanding your abilities and limits while being open to a world that is dramatically changing.
  • It’s identifying one another’s strengths and allowing each person to thrive on those strengths, and at the same time accepting your own weakness, not in a negative way but rather a way to grow internally.
  • Taking an untraditional path is a celebration of our minds, souls, spirits and creativity.
  • The true answers always come from within us and finding the courage to look deep within ourselves is not always easy to do. MAKING YOUR OWN PATH is to take massive, determined action.
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Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #7 FAITH

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Partnership Principle #7 - Faith

"Faith is not belief without proof, but trust with reservation." D. Elton Trueblood

  • My Dad always said to me that if I tell the truth I’ll never have to try and remember it.
  • FAITH to me, in tough times, is a combination of all the life experiences I’ve had combined.

In my experience the top filters in LIFE and in business are:     

1.    Common Sense

2.    My Internal Instinct

3.    FAITH

  • Take your time friends and make sure you do your best to find the right (business) partner. You’ll have a great time in your life, and if you’re lucky, and follow your gut, you’ll meet people who can really make a difference and help you reach your potential.
  • I have found that having FAITH is good ammunition to drive out fear and taking action seals the deal.

FAITH Applied Daily

·         Have FAITH in yourself.

·         Have FAITH in your journey.

·         Have FAITH in your team.

·         Have FAITH in your friends and family.

·         Choose to serve through the conduit of FAITH.

  • One of the key principles to great partnerships is shared values and character. FAITH is the demonstration of these in times where things are tough and being tested.
  • The toughest times in life do not happen without gain of something truly valuable – even if it takes decades to find.

Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" Into Your Daily Life #6 Alignment

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Partnership Principle #6 - Alignment

"Only when your intent and actions are in alignment can you create the reality you desire."  Steve Maraboli

Partnership Principle #6 - Alignment

  • Without alignment the best strategic plan will never be achieved.
  • Great partnerships are great alliances and being aligned is one of the secret ingredients of great partnerships
  • Alignment requires a balance of views and a behind closed doors understanding which takes great mutual respect.
  • Being aligned helps you deal with the world effectively, but achieving alignment requires an on-going effort of fostering mutual understanding and routinely building mutual respect.
  • An aligned organization (or relationship) gets things done faster, with less effort and with better results, and is more agile and responsive to the fast-changing conditions we face today.
  • Alignment isn’t about the easy path because the right answer is not usually the easier.
  • Understand the value of alignment and it’s importance to success and getting things done in great partnerships.

More about Robert's book and where to buy it here. 

Incorporating "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #5 FINDING THE BEST ANSWER

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Partnership Principle #5 – Finding the Best Answer

“The ability to ask the right question is more than half the battle of finding the answer.” Thomas Watson

  • Finding the right answer requires having the right question.
  • Our method of finding the right answer first of all originates with respect, everything we do relates to respect for each other and other.
  • Don’t get stuck on the ‘That’s how we’ve always done it syndrome.’ Hopefully that kind of mentality was removed from your organization’s DNA early on.
  • Formulate your questions with clarity, on topic, and when you have completed asking the question just SHUT UP and listen.
  • One of the critical components of truly executing this principle is to let go of ego.
  • In my estimation, it’s more important to ask the right questions than it is to have all the answers.
  • Questions allow you to assess the situation.
  • Without listening respectfully, you will not get the answers that will allow you to make the decisions which create alignment.

Incorporating "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #4 OPEN COMMUNICATIONS WITH NO FEAR OF FEEDBACK

Partnership Principle #4 – Open Communications with no Fear of Feedback

  • It’s done respectfully, timely and lead with your heart.
  • Without feedback we don’t even know if the other party is listening.
  • Quality communication takes thoughtful effort to make it count.
  • Having an open communication environment isn’t easy.  An open door lets everything through – not just what you want to hear.
  • When it comes to communication, it’s not always what the other person is actually saying, it’s what you are hearing and to have good ears on must understand the intentions with which things are being shared.

Incorporating "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #3 STRENGTHS AND SHORTFALLS

Partnership Principle #3 – Strengths and Shortfalls

  • A good partnership that’s well planned and thought out will be one of the great experiences you will have.
  • Believe me and understanding your own strengths and limitations with the right partner is key. 
  • The best agenda is honestly seeking what is good for others.
  • The best partnerships happen when you and someone who has strengths that compliment yours join forces on a single goal.
  • Together you accomplish what could not be done separately.
  • Given the right partnership, we can always accomplish so much more working together than alone.
  • You are also precisely the help someone else needs.

THE FIRST FOR THE FITNESS BUSINESS INDUSTRY ON A GLOBAL LEVEL. "Digital Guide to the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast”

Podcast #2 Digital guide volume 1 III.PNG

As a gym owner, time can often feel like the enemy. There are so many things on the to-do list, but so little time to get them ticked off.

To help you conquer that list, we’ve compiled some of our most popular podcast episodes into one convenient Digital eGuide – to make it even simpler to access the info that will boost your profits and enhance your success.

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Incorporating "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #2 RESPECT


RESPECT is a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, a feeling or understanding that someone or something important, or serious and should be treated in an appropriate way.

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  • Giving respect isn’t about words it’s about doing what is respectful.
  • Deep respect is always earned…this is true of self-respect as well as respect for others.
  • It’s just plain good manners with a keen understanding of hospitality.
  • Lift up the positives of respect, honor, civility and diversity.
  • A captain of a team earns the respect by being there, being involved, and helps you find your worthiness.
  • Real respect is about the relationship you have BUILT to get there.


Incorporating "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #1 Values and Character

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Partnership Principle #1 – Values and Character

  • Values and Character mean being honest with your partner
  • You don’t have to change you are in difficult situations in business and life (or with any individual), and you never should.
  • It is what people do and not what they say
  • If you want to change the world, or even your life, no one is going to do that for you.
  • Patience
  • Nothing of substance is built quickly and certainly success isn’t defined by money, but of each of our values

o   Have Integrity

o   Work Hard

o   Value Relationships

o   Embrace Diversity

o   Have Fun

o   Respect People

o   Use your brain

  • Walk your walk and talk your talk
  • Have a strong sense of mission
  • Work beyond your own self interest


Is the Fitness Industry to blame for Failure?

Important Fitness Business Podcast: Heard the experts tell you how to improve your business and it always seem to work for the other guy, but not for you?

Is the fitness industry to blame because you can't get your business from A to Z? We've got the answers and personalized tools for you to turn that around!

Anything is possible when these three personalities come together! Get ready for what is set to be an entertaining, in your face, reality check on the real deal of the fitness business.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

With, Michael Mantel, PhD, Mel Tempest, Robert J. Dyer

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9 Partnership Principles: A Story of Life Lessons and Working Together




When most people create business partnerships, they focus on potential opportunities, their office, titles, mission statements, stationary, logos, social media platforms, and more. But entrepreneurs Bryan O'Rourke and Robert J. Dyer know there is much more to establishing a successful partnership. The founders of Fitmarc, which is a strategic partner with a variety of leading global fitness and wellness players, share nine principles to success in this guide to improving life at work and at home. Whoever you're considering as a partner, values and character should be at the top of the list. You must openly discuss your views without fear of reprisal-and if you can't-you need to ask yourself why. It's also important to realize that no one has the right answers. But you do need to ask the right questions if you want to succeed.

9 Partnership Principles #RobertJDyer Video Cover.JPG

Fitmarc - The Story Of Our Company

2006 we started the South Central agency for Les Mills International, back then it was exciting
as a team and it took a great deal of work to get us to serving around 7,000 instructors and
800 fitness facilities.

We couldn't have done it without the help of our great team.
We created the video above to give a sense of our beliefs and hopefully you'll see that what
we believe in is people. We helped people who are were customers and partners. Ultimately
being successful is all about the humanization of business.

Our Principals

To achieve our goals by aligning with people who share our core values of integrity, hard work,
diversity, compassion and forward looking strategic, organizational and industry vision.

Our Vision

Make major transformative contributions to the fitness and wellness industries that help people achieve wellness preventively while helping providers and players in the space to be more successful in light of a rapidly changing environment.

What do you think about Fitmarc and our story video ? I'd love to know.

Social Media And Digital Marketing - Its Not What You Might Think

I just love Gary Vaynerchuk. His books the Thank You Economy and Jab Jab Jab Right Hook are wonderful commentaries on how marketing has changed. You see, it used to be businesses could sort of not tell the whole truth. Some promoted and shared the good news, avoiding the bad and hoping you might not notice. In today's world, with 70% of the US having smart phones and large percentages of consumers participating in social networks, there is no hiding anymore. This is where the humanization of business is becoming so important to organizational success.

I've shared my friend and partner Bryan O'Rourke's recent IHRSA Institute presentation above on Social Media and Digital Marketing. Take a look and you'll see the future is not so much about technology, its about people and how technology can be a tool to be more caring of the people your organization should care about.

What do YOU think ? I'd love to know.

About the author:

Robert Dyer is CEO and founder of Fitmarc, COO and co-founder of Integerus and founded and served as CEO of the Fort Worth Fit For Life health club chain. A global ambassador with more than 30 years of operating health clubs, consulting to and advising fitness facility owners and global suppliers, and developing organizations, Dyer and his partners have advised brands around the world. His philanthropic efforts have focused on helping and coaching people who can benefit from his experience and forward-looking insights. Dyer's reputation of building relationships that matter and humanizing the health and fitness industry are well known to the people he has worked with over the years.



ACE Podcast - 15 Minutes To Wellness With Michael Mantell - Lessons In Leadership

In my view success in business has to do with working with people. Relating to them, supporting them and being authentic is both the most essential foundation to creating great organizations and the most human way to be. Having communicated and followed Michael Mantell for years in his roles at both the American Council on Exercise and as a consultant for a number of well known fitness brands, I was honored to receive his invitation to talk about not only our businesses Fitmarc and Integerus, but also about the human elements of leadership. He titled it Lessons in Leadership and I really enjoyed spending time with Michael reflecting on the topic.

Please check out the interviews and let me know what you think. Its a two part interview that you can listen to here and here.

Thanks to ACE and Dr. Mantell for the chance to contribute and thanks to you for visiting my web site.

About the author:

Robert Dyer is CEO and founder of Fitmarc, COO and co-founder of Integerus and founded and served as CEO of the Fort Worth Fit For Life health club chain. A global ambassador with more than 30 years of operating health clubs, consulting to and advising fitness facility owners and global suppliers, and developing organizations, Dyer and his partners have advised brands around the world. His philanthropic efforts have focused on helping and coaching people who can benefit from his experience and forward-looking insights. Dyer's reputation of building relationships that matter and humanizing the health and fitness industry are well known to the people he has worked with over the years.