ACE Podcast - 15 Minutes To Wellness With Michael Mantell - Lessons In Leadership

In my view success in business has to do with working with people. Relating to them, supporting them and being authentic is both the most essential foundation to creating great organizations and the most human way to be. Having communicated and followed Michael Mantell for years in his roles at both the American Council on Exercise and as a consultant for a number of well known fitness brands, I was honored to receive his invitation to talk about not only our businesses Fitmarc and Integerus, but also about the human elements of leadership. He titled it Lessons in Leadership and I really enjoyed spending time with Michael reflecting on the topic.

Please check out the interviews and let me know what you think. Its a two part interview that you can listen to here and here.

Thanks to ACE and Dr. Mantell for the chance to contribute and thanks to you for visiting my web site.

About the author:

Robert Dyer is CEO and founder of Fitmarc, COO and co-founder of Integerus and founded and served as CEO of the Fort Worth Fit For Life health club chain. A global ambassador with more than 30 years of operating health clubs, consulting to and advising fitness facility owners and global suppliers, and developing organizations, Dyer and his partners have advised brands around the world. His philanthropic efforts have focused on helping and coaching people who can benefit from his experience and forward-looking insights. Dyer's reputation of building relationships that matter and humanizing the health and fitness industry are well known to the people he has worked with over the years.