Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" Into Your Daily Life #6 Alignment

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Partnership Principle #6 - Alignment

"Only when your intent and actions are in alignment can you create the reality you desire."  Steve Maraboli

Partnership Principle #6 - Alignment

  • Without alignment the best strategic plan will never be achieved.
  • Great partnerships are great alliances and being aligned is one of the secret ingredients of great partnerships
  • Alignment requires a balance of views and a behind closed doors understanding which takes great mutual respect.
  • Being aligned helps you deal with the world effectively, but achieving alignment requires an on-going effort of fostering mutual understanding and routinely building mutual respect.
  • An aligned organization (or relationship) gets things done faster, with less effort and with better results, and is more agile and responsive to the fast-changing conditions we face today.
  • Alignment isn’t about the easy path because the right answer is not usually the easier.
  • Understand the value of alignment and it’s importance to success and getting things done in great partnerships.

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