Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #8 MAKING YOUR OWN PATH

Partnership Principle #8 – MAKING YOUR OWN PATH

  • It occurred to me that MAKING YOUR OWN PATH can actually apply to anything in life and the path you start on may not be the path you stay on.
  • Making your own path is about being different and if you’re not different, you’re the same.
  • A compelling statement here-if we had gone along the path that others pursued we would not have been successful.
  • We had team buy in, team support, team strength and a little bit of West Texas…we had swagger.
  • The work felt honest and working with a wonderful team of people felt even better.
  • Don’t be like everyone else or think you need to be like everyone else to be successful.
  • Your checkbook is not a measure of success but having meaningful relationships and impacting the world to us is.
  • Maturity…It’s about understanding your abilities and limits while being open to a world that is dramatically changing.
  • It’s identifying one another’s strengths and allowing each person to thrive on those strengths, and at the same time accepting your own weakness, not in a negative way but rather a way to grow internally.
  • Taking an untraditional path is a celebration of our minds, souls, spirits and creativity.
  • The true answers always come from within us and finding the courage to look deep within ourselves is not always easy to do. MAKING YOUR OWN PATH is to take massive, determined action.
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