Incorporating the "9 Partnership Principles" into Your Daily Life #7 FAITH

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Partnership Principle #7 - Faith

"Faith is not belief without proof, but trust with reservation." D. Elton Trueblood

  • My Dad always said to me that if I tell the truth I’ll never have to try and remember it.
  • FAITH to me, in tough times, is a combination of all the life experiences I’ve had combined.

In my experience the top filters in LIFE and in business are:     

1.    Common Sense

2.    My Internal Instinct

3.    FAITH

  • Take your time friends and make sure you do your best to find the right (business) partner. You’ll have a great time in your life, and if you’re lucky, and follow your gut, you’ll meet people who can really make a difference and help you reach your potential.
  • I have found that having FAITH is good ammunition to drive out fear and taking action seals the deal.

FAITH Applied Daily

·         Have FAITH in yourself.

·         Have FAITH in your journey.

·         Have FAITH in your team.

·         Have FAITH in your friends and family.

·         Choose to serve through the conduit of FAITH.

  • One of the key principles to great partnerships is shared values and character. FAITH is the demonstration of these in times where things are tough and being tested.
  • The toughest times in life do not happen without gain of something truly valuable – even if it takes decades to find.

So You Think You Are a CEO?

If you aren’t a customer of your own business, you are fooling yourself if you think you fully understand your customers' needs. CEOs have to make sure that their customers know they are fully responsible for the customer experience. I always want our customers to know that they can come straight to me and I will take personal responsibility for our products or services, and also for the customer experience.

It’s never [simply] about listening to your customers. It’s always about figuring out what they will need but don’t realize yet.