Fitmarc - The Story Of Our Company

2006 we started the South Central agency for Les Mills International, back then it was exciting
as a team and it took a great deal of work to get us to serving around 7,000 instructors and
800 fitness facilities.

We couldn't have done it without the help of our great team.
We created the video above to give a sense of our beliefs and hopefully you'll see that what
we believe in is people. We helped people who are were customers and partners. Ultimately
being successful is all about the humanization of business.

Our Principals

To achieve our goals by aligning with people who share our core values of integrity, hard work,
diversity, compassion and forward looking strategic, organizational and industry vision.

Our Vision

Make major transformative contributions to the fitness and wellness industries that help people achieve wellness preventively while helping providers and players in the space to be more successful in light of a rapidly changing environment.

What do you think about Fitmarc and our story video ? I'd love to know.

Pavigym 50th Anniversary Celebration

I had the opportunity to experience the Pavigym Temple at the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Check out this video on their 3.0 flooring. This new technology is something to think about. Can you say "innovation"? Imagine the creativity you could bring to your members and team!