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“Robert has extraordinary insight into the fitness industry. He is a greatly committed and articulate leader with exceptional communication skills. Robert is one of the most capable people I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Robert Dyer as a person, professional and friend.”

-Bryan O'Rourke, MBA, Senior Business Advisor, Fitness Marketing Systems

“I have known Robert Dyer for close to 20 years. I first met Robert at his club Fit 4 Life in Ft. Worth Texas in the late 90’s when we were both in the fitness industry. Robert assisted me in the opening of another fitness center in Texas. I have always found Robert to be very knowledgeable in the fitness industry with a special skill in membership sales and club operations. As well as his knowledge in this industry I respect his degree of integrity in the way he operates and does business.

I have a high degree of respect for Robert and his ability. He is very personable and a gifted negotiator. I highly recommend Robert for any services or position. He is an expert in the fitness industry.” 

-Gary Findley, Snap Fitness, Chief Operating Officer

“I've known and worked with Robert for over 20 years. He is an amazingly straight-up guy, with solid information, innovative ideas and a heart as big as Texas! Anybody he works with is the better for it.”

-Michael Scott Scudder, CEO, Club Management Education & Training Online

"The first time I met Robert was at one of Fitmarc's Super Quarterly Events in 2009, and was totally blown away by his commitment, dedication, and passion, not only to the fitness Industry, but to all of the Clubs and Instructors that the Company serves. I have attended Quarterly Events in every region of the US, and Fitmarc's Events are simply the best... so much so that I make the trip all the way from NY every year."

-Jill M. Kaczmarek

"I have admired the work and reputation of Robert Dyer for quite some time. Getting to know him better over the last few years has only served to raise that level of respect. Robert is a man of his word, leads by example, and can see opportunity where most see obstacles. Wanting only the best for his team, customers, family, and friends - countless lives have been impacted positively by his philosophy. Robert Dyer represents what is truly good in people and in the health and fitness industry."

-James K. McPartland, Principal, The JMac Performance Group

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"Robert is one of the most enjoyable guys I have ever worked with. He is authentic, passionate, driven, huge-hearted and a very skilled business person. The six years for which we have been associated have been great and I look forward to the next 26! With great respect,"

-Phillip Mills, CEO Les Mills International

"Robert Dyer is one of the most earnest and thoughtful leaders in the fitness industry that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past twenty-five years. He has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the fitness industry and is committed to advancing both the business and profession. Anyone who is interested in starting or building a business in the fitness industry would benefit from spending some time with Robert."

-Graham Melstrand, VP of Business Development, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise

“Robert is one of the most insightful, intelligent leaders I have met in my twenty-eight years in the business. He was successful as a club owner and created an incredibly profitable company at Fitmarc. He understands trends, customer service and has a deep respect for the internal customer (his team) and they respect him greatly. I highly recommend Robert for any partnership or association, please feel free to call my cell 914-213-2112 for a more in depth recommendation.”

-Sal Pellegrino, Director of National Accounts, Star Trac Fitness Products

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The first time I met Robert Dyer, I was blown away by his southern hospitality and genuine personality. He’s the kind of guy that puts a smile on your face when he walks into a room. His positive energy and good human nature makes him one of the most pleasant people with whom to sit and have genuine conversation… from the heart, about anything.  He brings this side of him to everything he does, creating business success for not only himself and his associates, but also for his customers/clients, employees, and those around him. His pleasure in business is seeing others succeed as a result of his efforts. The man doesn’t know how to rest. He brings a never ending drive and willingness to get his hands dirty, standing in the trenches alongside his workers, customers, and business associates. Failure is not an option for Robert or his clients. He goes above and beyond in everything he does to assure this. Working with Robert Dyer is as good as it gets in the world of business, customer/client relationships, and personal relationships. I can honestly say that he is one of the people in the fitness industry and life who continues to inspire me with his work ethic, morals, positive attitude, and never ending drive for success. The fitness industry and world in general is a much better place with Robert Dyer in it.

-Don Murphy, Managing Partner, Hudson Valley Gold’s Gym Organization, Les Mills National Trainer/Presenter

"I have been involved as a Gold's Gym owner in the fitness industry for many years now and more specifically my passion lies within the group fitness arena. I have come to know Robert fairly well over the past few years and I continue to be impressed with his dedication towards the facilities that he services. His attention to our needs and desires are second to none. He is an upstanding individual who is never too busy to extend a listening ear and to suggest ways to make business run smoother. He returns calls and emails promptly, and always conducts himself with the utmost of professionalism. It is a pleasure to know and to be associated with him and my suggestion, for anyone who has any interest in growing their business, is to engage and get to know Robert as soon as possible."

-Jeremy Lowell, DDS, Gold's Gym: Lake Ridge, VA, Lorton, VA, Fredericksburg, VA, Fitchburg, WI, Waukesha, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Cascades, VA, Sterling, VA respectively Ironworks of Lake Ridge, Inc, Fitness Visionaries, Inc, DGL, LLC, Orchard Pointe, LLC, Moreland WI, LLC, 731 Water Street, LLC, GGNova Partners, LLC, GGNova Partners, LLC | | About Fit, Inc | Lowell Management Company, LLC | Wi-Fit, LLC | 2345 Juniper Hill Road, Aspen, CO 81611

“I have had and continue to have the immense pleasure of working with Robert Dyer in a professional capacity. Once you work with Robert and experience the natural yet inspiring customer service, that simply does nothing more or nothing less than mirror his personality and his integrity then you will understand the difference between 'Customer satisfaction' and 'Customer inspiration'. 

As a fellow colleague and now as a customer who works directly with Robert, it is always a pleasure and joy to work with someone who knows how to get the job done, who exceeds expectations and will always do the right thing by all. 

The beauty with Robert is that he is real, I have had the honour of now calling him a friend and have learned that the real Robert is no different to the professional Robert; A gentleman, a entrepreneurnier and intelligent humble man.” 

-Tim D Keightley, Vice President of Fitness, Gold's Gym International

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Robert Dyer for any endeavor that he pursues. Hs is trustworthy, dependable and displays a contagious level of enthusiasm that is very hard to come by these days. If Robert is involved, you can count on everyone working hard, working together and a strong likelihood of success.”  Respectfully submitted,

-Herb Lipsman, Chief Operating Officer, Houston Oaks Country Club & Family Sports Retreat

“Robert Dyer is a man of great integrity and passion. His support of those he manages is unmatched. He takes great care to make sure members of his staff and clients are sufficiently and effectively served. His care is sincere. Robert truly wants others to succeed and is willing to take time to assist. He is proficient in fitness business, facility ownership and management. It has been an honor to learn from him and work with him on a variety of projects.”

-Trillia Newbell, Fitness professional and Professional/Published Writer

"I have known and worked with Robert in a wide range of capacities. First as an employee, then as a consultant and most recently as a Board Member at our YMCA. He is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I know and a true visionary. He has had a pulse on the industry and it's ever changing trends and evolution that has translated to successful business development and business ownership. I continue to be inspired by his innovation and fortitude in the Fitness industry and look forward to following him in his next endeavor."

-Heidi Valdez Hardy, Director of Membership Development, YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, Northpark Branch

“I have known Robert Dyer personally and professionally for over a decade. I have worked with him on a variety of projects. He has always met and exceeded his obligations beyond expectations. He is truly an inspiration and pleasure to work with. I consider him a friend and colleague.”

-Denton Smith, Senior Executive, SCIFIT Systems, Inc.

“I've found that in most of life's activities, you can break the participants into one of three categories, Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who stand around wondering "what just happened." The fitness business is loaded with far too many of the third group. In the midst of that, Robert Dyer is someone who knows how to make things happen, and I've been privileged to call him a friend and colleague for many years now!'

-Don Moxley, Exercise Physiologist, Founder and CEO ViA Performance Systems

“Seasoned”, “Selfless”, and “Straight Forward”! He has “been there, done that”, “willing to use his experiences to help others”, and “won’t blow smoke up your ass”.

“Robert has been a “go to guy” for me, after leaving a 15 year career in Law Enforcement and starting a small Indoor Group Cycling Studio, I was fortunate enough to meet Robert. In 2 ½ years I have expanded my studio to 7 programs, teamed with a competitive cheer company, and evolved into a total Child Care/Entertainment, Competitive Cheer, and Group Fitness Facility. Robert is always willing to LISTEN, take note, and give REAL advice in a way that not only is to the point, but pushes me to THINK more, and ultimately GROW more, professionally, and personally. If you know this man, you know what I am talking about. If you don’t… YOU SHOULD!”

-Jay Graves, Founder/Owner, Geared Up Spinning & Fitness Studio, Co-Founder/President, All In Fun & Fitness Center

“In the three years that I have known Robert--it's been an absolute honor. With his years of industry expertise and his thoughtful approach to helping others succeed, Robert is a credit to the fitness industry. I have collaborated with Robert on several projects, which have always been more successful for his insight. I highly recommend connecting with Robert, he is one of the best!”   

-Barbara Sine, Sales/Marketing, Les Mills

“Robert is a true champion. He is always honest and true to his word. Robert is a fierce competitor. Whether he is in the race or coaching you, if you are on his team, you are on the winning team. If you work with Robert, you will realize your potential, break your own records, set new standards, and be better today than you were yesterday. His loyalty is unmatched and I am honored to be a part of his team.”

-Kristina Reilly, Business Development Consultant with Fitmarc