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Robert Dyer's career in the fitness industry spans more than 30 years.

Robert is a health club and fitness industry executive, leader and entrepreneur with thirty years of experience operating a variety of health club business models, consulting to and advising fitness
facility owners and global suppliers, and developing organizations, partnerships and people. Robert and his wife Pinky have owned and operated their own health club and fitness facilities, many of which he turned from struggling to thriving businesses. Robert has delivered educational content and speaking engagements to audiences around the world, and has consulted with hundreds of club owners and fitness professionals. As CEO of Fitmarc, he nurtured a team of fitness professionals into the largest distributor of Les Mills group exercise and business solutions in the U.S.

Robert’s professional life is leading him back to what he likes to do the most. It is here that he feels he can be the most effective… working with those people who truly want to learn by understanding the history and preparing for the future as the industry matures. His heart is in the grassroots values of building relationships that matter, and humanizing the fitness industry.


Robert J Dyer Professional Services

March 2017 to Present


VERTIMAX - Partner
March 2017 to Present
BE THE GAME CHANGER. The World's Leading Sports Performance Systems
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ECO-FIT - Investor/Advisor
Instantly view health of cardio equipment from anywhere. Maintenance & purchasing based on real and relevant data. One platform all brands.  Visit Our Website



August 2016 to Present
Investing in the companies of tomorrow.  Built on the timeless fundamentals of today. 
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2014 to Present
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INTEGERUS - Co-Founder/Advisor
2007 to Present
Since 2007, Integerus has been focused on bringing relationships and strategic expertise to the health club and fitness industry. Our primary objective is to create mutually beneficial relationships with forward thinking brands, their employees, customers, and our investment partners. With a focus on strategic planning, sales, marketing, operations, infrastructure, finance and technology, we take an active advisory role in the companies we work with and strive to demonstrate our commitment to building long-term sustainable organizations.
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FITMARC - Founder / CEO
2005 to Present
Specialists in large scale event management, logistics and distribution of products, programs, equipment, fulfillment. We've delivered fitness and wellness solutions to facilities and organizations including health clubs, YMCA’s, Medical Fitness, Military & GSA, Parks and Rec’s, and Universities.
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Fit For Life Center was founded over 25 years ago by Robert and Pinky Dyer. Over the course of
operation of this Fort Worth health club chain, Robert owned and operated a wide variety of
health club/fitness facilities including:

  • Large multi-purpose, full service facility (40,000 sq’)
  • Women’s only facility
  • Fitness only (one of the 1st key-less entry facilities in the U.S.)
  • Group Fitness only facilities
  • Acquisition of two hospital-based facilities

More about Robert's Companies & Experience:

Keep an Eye on Our Companies

  • Currently Fitmarc & Integerus have strategic relationships with, sponsors of and or have partnerships with Polar, Fitlinxx, FitPro, Pt on the Net, Wexer, MindBody, IDEA, and Michael Scott Scudder’s Fitness Business Council.

  • Integerus provides innovation for the fitness industry through in-depth research, experienced analysis, technical expertise, and industry knowledge.

  • Fitmarc™ is a strategic partner with a variety of leading global fitness and wellness players. We consult and deliver solutions to a variety of organizations, including corporate and local fitness clubs, hospital wellness facilities, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and recreation centers. We are firmly committed to quality, innovation and service. Fitmarc™ is your source for functional and group exercise expertise and equipment.

Current Industry Involvement

  • Fitness Industry Technical Council: FIT-C, Member

  • Board of Directors,  Metropolitan of Fort Worth YMCA Association

  • IHRSA, International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, Member

  • International Fitness Innovation Taskforce - LMI,  Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Auckland, New Zealand; San Francisco, USA

  • National Account Manager for Gold's Gym International

Speaker and Presenter at Industry Conventions

  • Club Industry Conference, Chicago

  • Idea World

  • Gold's Gym International Conventions

  • Rio Sports Show

Earlier Years

  • Robert has owned and operated a wide variety of gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities for over 25 years

  • Large multi-purpose, full service facility (40,000sf)

  • Women’s only

  • Fitness only (one of the 1st keyless entry facilities in the U.S.)

  • Group Fitness only facility

  • Acquired 2 hospital-based facilities